Famous Roads - Route 66 in U.S.

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There is no route on the planet that has a name as mythical as the Route 66. There are more challenging roads, and highways more scenic, but Route 66 has that unbeatable aura of “Going West”. Opened in 1926, the 3940 km long route started with some 800 km of asphalted surface.
From Chicago, Illinois, the road runs in a sort of big arch to Santa Monica, California. Today the trip along Route 66 is still an adventure. However, even the large damages from 2014 flash floods in Arizona will be repaired. Route 66 has become an economic factor now.
The road is also called “Mother Road” and “Main Street of America”.
If you have no time to conquer the full length of it, start your trip at the midpoint in Adrian, TX westward. The short section between Kingman, AZ, and Oatman, AZ (that’s where the donkeys roam the streets) is really beautiful to ride.
Look at Seligman, AZ, where it all began, when the interstate killed the businesses, and a barber started the revival.
If you are interested in filming locations, don’t miss Bagdad Café near Newberry Springs, CA.
Route 66 belongs to dreamers. Stop at the abandoned gas stations or cafes and just imagine you are in the 1930ies. Have a coffee at a Santa Monica pier and look at the sea, ending your journey along Route 66.
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